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About Joy

Who Is Joy Shikaze?

Joy Shikaze, APR, is an award-winning accredited public relations professional with over 20 years’ experience training executives and their teams as a media relations coach and communications specialist.

Service Philosophies – What makes Joy’s team unique

There are two key aspects of Joy Shikaze’s service philosophies which differentiate her from other coaches and consultants:

  1. Focusing on what people do best. No one can specialize in all areas. Thus, when the needs of our clients cannot be served through the nucleus of our own expertise, Joy aligns with other proven, competent and trusted partners who have specific expertise (e.g. camera operators, reporters, etc.) to meet identified client needs within a single service approach.
  2. Transfer knowledge. Joy’s solutions do not leave you “consultant dependent.” These solutions are sustainable beyond the project. Joy focuses on creating media strategies that include a plan for implementation using resources that are realistic and within your current and foreseeable operating environment.

Education & Experience

In addition to being one of the first professionals to achieve the Accredited Public Relations (APR) designation in the area, Joy has a Bachelors Degree from McMaster University, a Certificate in Public Relations from Humber College and is currently pursuing her Master in Communications Management from McMaster University.

Other public relations experience includes working as:

  • President of MJS Communications
  • Chair of the Canadian International Military Tattoo
  • Media Relations Instructor at McMaster University
  • Co-author of PR Means Business for REALTORS® (with Catherine Martin, APR)
  • Communications Consultant for the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
  • PR and Communications Director for the Metropolitan Hamilton Real Estate Board
  • Associate with several Hamilton and Toronto public relations firms

Utilizing her ability to complete multi-level team projects under various deadline pressures, Joy has been responsible for the media relations and promotion for numerous events as both a consultant and volunteer.

Expert & Coach

As a leader in the public relations consulting business, focusing on media training and communications planning, Joy has extensive experience working with business leaders, entrepreneurs, professional associations, not-for-profit & non-profit organizations in the following areas: